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The U.S. also has significant natural resources: It is the world's leading producer of both oil and natural gas, and has the world's largest coal reserves. The U.S. is culturally and racially diverse, and was shaped by large waves of immigration from Europe and beyond.

On September 9, 1776, the Second Continental Congress adopted a new name for what had been called the "United Colonies.” The moniker United States of America has remained since then as a symbol of freedom and independence.

The USA is the home of entertainment. It is the perfect family holiday destination. With Disneyland, Universal Studios, Hollywood, casinos in Las Vegas, and a range of extreme adventure sports, the USA is sure to keep your adrenaline rushing high with non-stop fun and entertainment.

Foreigners visit the U.S. to see natural wonders, cities, historic landmarks, and entertainment venues. Americans seek similar attractions, as well as recreation and vacation areas. Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Bay Lake, Florida is the most visited theme park in the world.

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