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Seaside Karnataka

Flanked by the soaring Western Ghats I the east and blessed by the blue waters of the Arabian Sea in the west, Karnataka has a 320 km long coastline dotted with unspoilt beaches and scores of temples. Some othe these beaches and temples are unknown, unsung, and undiscovered – and that is their biggest attraction.


With its narrow streets, traditional houses, and temples, the nondescript town of Gokarna has become the favorite haunt of Hindu pilgrims, Sanskrit scholars, and beach buffs. Locals believe that Gokarna derives its name from a legend in which Lord Shiva emerged from the ear of a cow. Literally meaning ‘cow’s ear,’ this village is formed by the ear-shaped confluence of two rivers. Adventurous travellers must be prepared for a bit of cliffs crambling in this coastal town. Om beach, one of Gokarna’s five famed beaches, takes the shape of an ‘Om,’ a spiritual symbol. The other beaches, wedged between gigantic cliffs that protrude like delicate fingers into the sea, are Gokarna, Kudle, Half Moon, and Paradise. The drive up the winding path that leads to Gokarna is a scenic delight with rocky mountains and the Western Ghats on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other. Here, you can experience the famed Karnataka hospitality in friendly guesthouses run by local families.

How to Reach:
Karwar – 60km
Bangalore – 470km
Kumta – 32km

Properties Close:
Om Beach Resort
Swaswara- Casino Group Property


Dev Bagh could have been a designer beach: designed for effortless unwinding. A gentle, secluded island totally cut off from the world. From the Karwar coast, speedboat across an estuary to a casuarina-whispering island. Walk around, laze in a casuarina grove, lie in a hammock, play beach volleyball, or just take a swim in the waters. Live in a bark-clad, thatched, cottage raised on stilts. Dine on a starlit strand while the sea softly whispers its eternal serenade.
And that's just the beginning.
Come morning, don your swimming gear and head for a tiny secluded cove on Lady's Island where even non-swimmers are encouraged to snorkel, wearing life- jackets. Experience first hand the submarine life beneath the sparkling azure waters. Follow a pod of dolphins gambolling in the water…
If Devbagh doesn't change your perspective of life, nothing will!

How to Reach:
South Goa border – 10km
Panaji – 105km
Bangalore – 530km
Mumbai – 650km

Propeties Close:
Jungal Lodges and Resort –Devbagh
Eastury Viw- On Sadashiv Gadh


A drive along the West Coast Highway as it cruises alongside the Arabian Sea on one side, with the picturesque Kodachadri Hills forming a backdrop to the Sauparnika river on the other is truly spectacular. Marawanthe wears the look of a fairyland at sunset when the sky turns crimson and the golden rays of the sun are reflected in the sea as well as the river.
Visit Baindur, a hamlet 45 kms. from Marawanthe with a lovely beach close by. Near Baindur is the scenic Ottinane with its overhanging cliffs, an ideal place for viewing the sunset. A further drive will take you to the Belaka Theertha Falls near Baindur.
Illuminated by streetlights, Marawanthe turns into a cool nightspot after dark. The distant ship lights on the horizon seem to beckon you to other shores.

How to Reach:
Kundapur – 12km
Udupi – 52km
Mangalore – 112km
Bangalore – 435km

Properties Close:
Turtle Bay Resort
Sai Vishram

St. Mary's Island

St. Mary's Island, another delightful get away is only a boat-ride away across Malpe Harbour. Here one can find a unique formation of volcanic rocks which have crystallized into columns and split into vertical hexagonal blocks. This is neither a swimming nor a strolling beach. It's a beach to be gazed and wondered at; and it's the only one of its kind in India. Legend has it that Vasco da Gama landed in 1498 on one of these islands which he called “El Padron de Santa Maria”. It is from this that these islands got their present name. Tsshe northernmost island is about a square mile in area and not more than 250 yards in width. It has a coconut grove, which makes it the shadiest island of the group and gives it true South Sea colour.
If you’re looking for seclusion, you couldn’t find it in a better

How to Reach:
Udupi – 6km
Mangalore – 66km
Bangalore – 426km

Properties Close:
The Paradise Isle Beach Resort


Malpe is a natural harbour and an important fishing centre that enriches Karnataka's coastline with its' fabulous beach. The endless stretch of golden sand, graciously swaying palm trees, clear blue sky and gentle murmur of the sea, all set the perfect mood for an idyllic holiday. Fishing boats bobbing in the distance make a pretty picture.
Don't miss out on the Balarama Temple.

How to Reach
Udupi – 6km
Mangalore – 66km
Bangalore – 426km

Properties Close:
The Paradise Isle Beach Resort





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